With the collaboration with Nava Design, Stefano Boeri Interiors presented the project Bodypack, in two versions. The project is emblematic of the need to respond to the lifestyle changes that have taken place in recent months, thanks to an extremely flexible product capable of adapting to the uncertain and changing conditions of the near future. The strict tripartite division of our space and time into home, work, and leisure has been radically supplanted by new behaviors. Today, due in part to major and widespread digital literacy, these new lifestyles fill the cities and natural landscapes that surround them with a degree of individual liberty and agile freedom of movement that would have been inconceivable just a few months ago.

“The osmosis between domestic life, work and free time has somehow revealed itself. This possibility of enriching one’s abilities with objects and tools is now linked to the body. This is where the idea of the metropolitan poncho comes from and this is where whole-body pach philosophy is born.” Stefano Boeri

Today’s citizen, at any given time in a given space, is a worker, resident, athlete, consumer of culture, urban flaneur, and potentially a digital nomad. A new kind of character who needs neither office nor desk, but rather a compact and flexible object to keep close at hand – one that allows them to construct and demarcate space and time in the way best suited to their own rhythms of life and work. The Bodypack is proposed here in two versions: the monolithic Poncho-Bag in two color variations, and the Vest-Bag that interprets the idea of versatility and flexibility as a system of containers of various functions and sizes, to allow the user to create their own configuration according to their personal preferences.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Nava Design
Photo: Lampi 
Year: 2021

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