Stefano Boeri Interiors is a multidisciplinary studio whose design and research experience operates and develops projects and researches in the field of interior architecture, exhibition design and product design. The headquarter of Stefano Boeri Interiors, in Alzaia Naviglio Grande 108, Milan, is a laboratory space, a place of encounter and exchange of ideas, disciplines and professional realities; it also deals with curating and organizing events, designing and implementing exhibitions and cultural fairs, as well as the development of graphic and communication projects for distribution and promotion, creating ad hoc digital and editorial formats. Within a broad context of operational areas, Stefano Boeri Interiors has specific skills in: Project Management, offering an innovative and unique design process, coherent in all its development phases, from the idea to the delivery of the finished product; Research and Technical Coordination, making each design process an inclusive and participatory experience; Engineering and Project validation, guaranteeing, with its continuous presence, the quality of the project up to the executive development, the planning of production levels and its implementation; Planning, defined as detailed planning for the implementation and linearity of the design and production process; Production and supervision of works, using a dense network of selected partners that become an essential tool to ensure quality and consistency in the final results; Quality Control as a verification criterion, in every phase of the work plans, for the achievement of the expected, planned and finally produced goals; Assistance and Logistics that becomes reaction capacity and prompt action for maximum flexibility in the development phase of the project and in the production phase, respecting quality and delivery plans; Monitoring and Certifications as added value in compliance with expectations, constantly resolving any possible critical issues, stimulating the research of solutions and alternatives.

Stefano Boeri Interiors therefore bases his activity on the quality of processes. It believes in inclusiveness and integrated design, searching in collaboration and sharing, the solutions to specific needs at the service of each phase of design, management, development and production. Stefano Boeri Interiors is a nimble and flexible reality, committed to the research of innovative solutions, which aspire to an integral vision.

“Never as today the study of new housing needs, expectations and desires of different populations of users has been so crucial to our profession. And, more than ever before, it is the interior spaces and objects of everyday life that reflect the transformations in lifestyles and ways of living. Stefano Boeri Interiors was born from the decision to create a permanent research and design laboratory on a vital sphere of the everyday life, which architecture and urban planning often tend to underestimate”. Stefano Boeri

Among the values and principles that Stefano Boeri Interiors promotes and that underpin his design approach, there is the demineralization of urban surfaces, which encourages the production and sharing of energy from renewable sources in various forms and scales of design. The study, in fact, favors and supports a circular economy, thanks to the use of materials of natural derivation, with levels of certification and guarantee for the healthiness of inhabited spaces or that have high percentages of recycled. With his work, in fact, he promotes the growth of biodiversity, protecting natural habitats and upgrading the degraded ones. A project of today always projected into the future, which takes into consideration and develops around medium and long term climate scenarios, from 10 to 30 years. Justice in the transition, to promote widespread plans of energy qualification, welfare and health of all human and living heritage, seeking a concrete and solidarity integral ecology.  Stefano Boeri Interiors also deals with: mobility, of people and ideas, ranging from solutions for both transport and infrastructure and communication; commerce, applied to sales and distribution, and focused on the retail world; hospitality, specifically accommodation, catering and open-air tourism; work, with an eye towards the future of the office world and all its declinations; services applied to the world of scientific research and institutional and sports formation.

“The best way to invest in the future is to take care of resources, people, spaces, ideas, customers and employees. Of the whole planet.” Giorgio Donà

Stefano Boeri, architect and urban planner, is Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano. In Shanghai he is Director of the Future City Lab at Tongji University: a post-doctoral research program which explores the future of contemporary metropolis under the perspectives of biodiversity and urban forestry.

Stefano Boeri’s work, with Stefano Boeri Architetti and Stefano Boeri Interiors, ranges from the design of architecture and urban visions to product design, with a constant focus on the geopolitical and environmental implications of urban phenomena. The attention to the relationship between city and living nature, leads in 2014 to the realization of the Bosco Verticale in Milan, the first prototype of residential building hosting 800 trees and 20,000 plants.

Among the main players in the debate on climate change in the field of international architecture, Stefano Boeri is Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee for the first World Forum on Urban Forests (Mantua 2018) together with FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization, UN).

In 2019 he presented in New York the Green Urban Oases project, developed with FAO, C40, UN Habitat e other international research organizations, on occasion of the UN Climate Action Summit 2019.

Architect, Giorgio Donà graduated in Architecture in 2011 from the IUAV University of Venice. He began his career alongside Stefano Boeri in 2012. 2018 is the year in which together they founded the studio Stefano Boeri Interiors, a multidisciplinary reality based in Milan, which operates nationally and internationally, developing projects and research on various scales and fields, specialising in interior design, exhibition design and product design. The various projects and realisations include important collaborations such as the Buccellati project with the exhibition design ‘Galateo. A Journey into Conviviality’, by Timberland with the ‘Floating Forest’ project at Milan Design Week 2022. In the field of interior design with the studio he designed, among others, ‘La Residence’ by Cartier for the flagship store in Via Montenapoleone in Milan and the project ‘Aula del Futuro’ designed for Napisan Italia. He has also participated in several international competitions receiving prizes and honourable mentions, such as for the urban regeneration project ‘Venice City Vision’ with a special jury and the chairman Bjarke Ingels (BIG architects).His work has been published in several books and catalogues such as ‘Atlas. New practices for better waste management” (Comieco – 2018) and international magazines such as “Cityvision Mag” (Independent Architecture Stuff – Issue 4 – 2011), as well as in numerous issues of magazines such as Interni, Elle Decor Italia, IoArch, Area and in several catalogues such as “Fundamentals” (Venice Biennale – 2014), “Reporting from the front” (Venice Biennale – 2016) the ADI Design Index for the project “Across Chinese Cities – Beijing”, “Homo Faber. Crafting a more human future” (Marsilio – 2018) and “Homo Faber. Living Treasures of Europe and Japan Marsilio – 2022). In 2021, he is co-curator for the special edition “supersalone” organised for the Salone del Mobile.Milano and in 2022, for the international fair FIND- Design Fair Asia in Singapore, he designs the layout of the “Italian Futures Design Capsule” pavilion. He is currently engaged in projects and research on different scales, fields and geographies: in addition to interior design, he is involved in exhibition and event design, product design, research and art direction.


Photo: Giovanni Gastel (Stefano Boeri), Lorenzo Iannuzzi (Giorgio Donà)

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