The Milanese Offices project followed by Stefano Boeri Interiors on a late 1970s building had several interventions: on the ground and first floor to restore an aesthetically welcoming and representative image of the building, new functions that were previously carried out in external locations were included. The project already begins with the street entrance to the venue, which to date consists of discordant volumes and materials that confuse the visitor and make access flows disorderly. The new guardhouse incorporated into the curved wall-decorated with a geometrically patterned paneling-marks a new perimeter that enhances the double-height hadron and simplifies circulation. The ground floor is extremely fragmented and dark despite the fact that the property offers high and bright rooms. A new reception space greets visitors and shunts entrance flows to the floor while a new service building with catering room opens on two sides, allowing the side spaces to be used with maximum flexibility. The design of the second floor involves disrupting the current layout in favor of a brighter and more elegant space. The layout includes a large 25/30-seat advisory board meeting room with adjoining lounge, a medium-sized 10/15-seat meeting room, and two more intimate meeting rooms. The meeting rooms are punctuated by two informal work spaces that provide nimble and cozy workstations and can serve as catering space in support of the meeting rooms. The materials used make the rooms airy and elegant: gray-scale plaster and oak wood for the walls, concrete or metal for the floors. Some of the furniture and textile floors are orange to accent some of the details in the large, bright spaces.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Private Client

Location: Milano, Italy

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