La Résidence

La Rèsidence is a new, modern and surrounded by greenery space in which interiors get confused with the external part between the apartment and the terrace. In these spaces we have played with vegetation until it is transformed in an irrepressible and implicit company’s protagonist. The apartment is seductive because of the green open space on the top floor of a noble Milanese building. The spaces are made versatile thanks to a sliding panels system and, at the same time, the interiors are removable in order to let the environment be adaptable to the very frequent events and cultural meetings that make the agenda always be very busy. We wanted to recreate a Milanese, comfortable, accessible and totally not arrogant apartment – but anyway a representation of Cartier’s style and tradition – in a small space at the top floor with a small terrace between Milan’s roofs. Thanks to a few interventions on the building envelop, the last floor is a versatile place, not only for commercial activities, but it can also become a space for conviviality, meetings, presentations and music events.

“La Résidence is an elegant and reserved lounge, inspired by the encounter between the sophisticated and discreet style of Milanese design and the living nature of flowers and plants.” Stefano Boeri

La Rèsidence is made of three different areas: the terrace, the living room and the kitchen. These three areas can be reassembled, thanks to a very flexible system of movable elements, in two or just one unique area, according to the specific needs. This project came up from a very deep reasoning on the relationship between sumptuousness and minimalism, which are Cartier’s and Milan architecture’s two main characteristics. The central element of the project is the terrace surrounded by a system of low plants and shrubs, ferns and creepers, which also enter interior space. The continuity between the two rooms is emphasized by a marble “tube-vase” and the lines of the sofa that run alongside it for the entire length of the double inside-outside living room. Nature is an element of construction of the space also thanks to the perimeter windows that, if necessary, can be opened completely, in compliance with the very high safety requirements imposed by the place. An inter-wall with mirror finished panels divides and at the same time unites the internal living room from the more convivial area that relates, on the opposite side, to the integrated kitchen, defined by two sliding doors that can be packed into the wall as needed. In the living room it has been inserted the secret showcase, the secret wardrobe, the display case for Cartier precious objects, in a symmetrical position than the terrace-garden, inside its Green-Alps lining that shows a strong relationship between the natural and mineral soul of the space. The continuous flooring in a cream-ivory marble, which also returns in the stairwell, is characterized by a texture of Italian Serpeggiano tiles that seek a new dialogue with a range of reds, greens, golds and champagne nuances typical of Cartier boutiques. The new space has transformed the previous private floor into an unimaginable area that enhances and authenticates the Italian – French hospitality to the “beau monde” that passes through Milan.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Cartier
Photo: Giorgio Neri
Year: 2021

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