Galateo – A Journey into Conviviality

The project for fitting out the exhibition “Galateo. A Journey into Conviviality” started with the idea to engage in dialogue with Milan and its symbols whilst also ruminating on its future development. The project seeks to create an immersive environment which, thanks to the deft and measured usage of reflective surfaces and broken shapes, is capable of reflecting the city from all possible angles. The set opens up new perspectives on the urban fabric and offers a flexible space capable of hosting a variety of activities during the Design Week. As well as highlighting Buccellati’s strong links with Milan – the jewellery producer also being an exquisite expression of the city’s genius loci – the set incorporates the natural world into its architectural design thanks to the greenery occupying the fifth floor panoramic terrace, from which the exhibition can be accessed. The set thus conceptualises a new ecosystem and proposes different ways of occupying and transforming urban spaces, turning the Buccellati terrace into a meeting point and a source of rich experience. Although Milan is renowned for its “secret gardens”, here it also showcases itself as a city of roofs and terraces that can be turned into places for social exchange – also revealing different facets of its nature through its innovative events.

“The set designed for Buccellati offers a unique experience: an anthology of ideas, creativity, colours and images. It offers a space and a project for creating new perspectives and new relationships between the producer, the city and the world of design.” Giorgio Donà

In nowadays accelerated, post-pandemic and digital world where sociability has been lacking, many have felt a strong need to interact again with others. In this context, inspired by its rich table collections, Buccellati decides to explore the contemporary galateo as courtesy, conviviality and kindness. Taking cues from “Il Libro del Cortegiano” by Baldassarre Castiglioni (1513/1514) and from “Il Galateo” by Giovanni della Casa (1558), which consider the art of the table the place of excellence where to practice the essential virtues of cordiality, the intent is to renew the pleasure of receiving at home. The project therefore rediscovers the Italian culture of Humanism placing moral values back at the centre: among these, also that of conviviality, a fundamental instrument for relationship between men. A celebration of the pleasure of being together, of the good, of the beautiful, of the properly-done.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Buccellati

Photo: Silvia Rivoltella

Year: Milano Design Week 2022

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