The project for Chiesa della Madonnina is an intervention that aims to keep the built complex unaltered in its formal and stylistic typology, protecting the various historical structures and overlays, but using a contemporary architectural language for all the additions necessary for the re-functionalization. Chiesa della Madonnina is located near a large parking lot, which is useful for managing the flow of visitors who can easily access it from the main road axes. The Church is adjacent to a transformation lot related to the future expansion of UNISG teaching spaces. Taking into account some problems such as: the incomplete paving or the absence of a lighting study for the outdoor areas, which is fundamental for the “new life” of the Chiesa della Madonnina, Stefano Boeri Interiors’ project wants to give new life to an abandoned site. Interventions on the outdoor areas are non-invasive as they aim at simple optimization in view of the Church’s future use. The paved surperfaces are increased to ensure connections to the three main nodes: the Via Fossano, the future UNISG extension, and the parking lot. On the north side is housed the Archaeological find of the Roman Aqueduct, further evidence of Pollenzo’s history. The intervention will affect all floors of the building. On the second floor the reading rooms will be flanked by offices. The second floor will be dedicated to offices while on the ground floor 3 exhibition rooms and an office will be designed.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Università UNIGS

Location: Chiesa della Madonnina, Pollenzo, Bra, Cuneo (Italy)

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