Panchina per chi ha una casa e per chi non ce l’ha

A bench with social and cultural value and a symbol of inclusion and welcome is the best way of describing the creation presented by Stefano Boeri Interiors as part of Rossana Orlandi’s Gentle-Touch of Re-Waste project. Two metres long, “a bench for those who have a home and for those who don’t” is characterized by the two armrests which offer various headrest functions and a moveable lightweight panel mounted on the backrest which, when required, can be transformed into handy protection from the sun or atmospheric agents. Thanks to the generous size of the seating section, the bench can also be turned into a bed for sleeping on.

“The bench has been designed as a place where pedestrians can sit and rest but also - thanks to the two side sections that become head rests and the movable panel that can offer protection from the rain (and the sun) - as a shelter at night for those who don’t have a home.” Stefano Boeri and Giorgio Donà

What defines the bench above all is its symbolic value: that of being a home for those who do not have one, for those who have no fixed abode and who can thus find temporary accommodation in the outside world with this object. Sitting down, having a rest or being a home are the synonyms for this small object made of wood and iron, which is intended to offer help and comfort in town as well as being a new way of embellishing the streets and avenues of each city. The bench was produced thanks to the craftsmanship of Mastro Barbanera with the support of Nicoletta Ermacora.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Photo: Siriana Gouyin Jiang 

Year: Milano Design Week 2022 

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