Stefano Boeri Interiors projects Mux70, a collection of executive office furniture designed by studio Stefano Boeri Interiors to mark the company’s 70th anniversary.  This range of products is designed to meet the needs of the contemporary world, welcoming the challenges of the manager of the future and adapting, thanks to its refined design, to domestic environments too. Nowadays, the boundary between private and working life spaces has become increasingly blurred. Furniture must, therefore, cope with the increasing dynamism of the manager’s daily life who, in his office, dedicates himself not only to work but also to different activities and experiences: he eats lunch, reads, gets ready to exercise, receives guests, colleagues or clients, etc. With the aim of giving a new look to the historic Mux collection launched by Frezza in 1984, Stefano Boeri Interiors has designed a line of products capable of adapting to the changing functions and activities that can take place within one’s workplace. The furniture design is conceived to suggest a new approach to the use of this space by dividing up spaces, marking out one’s own time and giving managers the possibility to personalise their working environments.

“In designing the Mux70 collection, we worked on the dimensions of space and time: space as an environment or set of changing environments that the furnishings can compose and transform; time as a collection of moments and functions that the furnishings themselves are capable of suggesting and accommodating.” Stefano Boeri

The furniture in the collection can move, transform and redesign the space that surrounds them.  The table, which can become a desk or meeting table, is equipped with adjustable elements that can be raised or lowered as required, besides having a return top-container element that can accommodate and store personal equipment, including those dedicated to sports or professional activities. The product range also includes a coffee table and an equipped boiserie that can be arranged as a room divider and can help create new and distinct environments. The elegance of Mux70’s design also makes the products suitable for domestic use, where it is nowadays indispensable to have a smart-working dedicated space. The aesthetic line of the furniture remains clean but clearly recognisable: the dualism and contrast born from the combination of different materials, such as wood and fenix, helps to delineate the different areas and functions, while the shapes and finishes, designed to accommodate every inclination of taste, fit harmoniously into even the most private settings.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Frezza

Year: 2024

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