Mardegan Legno

Nature, respect, balance and sustainability are just some of the principles that represent and describe the activity and culture underlying the collaboration between Stefano Boeri Interiors and Mardegan Legno. For this company, sustainability is not a simple commitment, but a real need, which starts primarily from the care and respect for the raw material and the woods, as well as from the optimization of production processes. Processes that do not admit any waste. The collection aims to expand and intensify the research and development of solutions that are increasingly in balance with the ecosystem, with the woods and nature.

“A beautiful meeting between Mardegan Legno and Stefano Boeri Interiors. We were looking for a company that would respond to the standards of sustainability and attention in using a productive area such as the European white oak forests. They are particularly important in Hungary and Croatia since they have a millennial history.” Stefano Boeri

The concept of the collection starts from the desire to convey the awareness of new possibilities and increasingly sustainable perspectives. In this context, the collection makes even more explicit the opportunity to use trees in living spaces in a new form by sharing innovation and care for the material. Therefore the perception of the product increases and it shows its capacity to transform the relationship with nature itself. The collection is a new, green and aesthetically refined way of representing usage and transformation of nature and forests. A new way to live nature and to choose. A new possibility of consciously decorate, by keeping a high perception of the raw material’s quantity is used in the domestic space. The protagonist of the collection is wood in its texture, no longer seen only as a product but as a possible metaphor of a nature that merges with everyday life spaces. One of the main pillars of this collection is the choice of material and its ability to remain, still a “tree”, while admitting its transformation. Two sizes and different pattern possibilities: the parquet is customizable and suitable for every need and story. Colors that become a metaphor for the uncontaminated and living nature that enters the house.  Finishes obtained through a thermal process which, depending on the duration and the technology used, al-lows to have different colors and shades. The collaboration between Mardegan Legno and Stefano Boeri Interiors therefore marks a new creative moment that once again confirms the commitment undertaken, in different ways and forms, by both realities.

“The basic idea arises from the need to create a continuous surface: a wooden "carpet" that transforms the parquet into a surface with a heterogeneous nature. Various elements in size and modularity, which allow to compose shapes connected with the very anatomy of the original material: wood.” Giorgio Donà

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Mardegan Legno
Video: The Blink Fish
Year: 2021

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