Living Vibes project by Stefano Boeri Interiors, together with the lighting design by Artec Studio, enhances a fascinating 17th-century building that was once a museum, an artistic and cultural centre and is now the Milan headquarters of the Blindarte. Stefano Boeri Interiors used a metal mesh made of recycled and recyclable materials. The mesh is continuous and enveloping and passes through and covers, like a second skin, the internal volumes of the architecture. Light becomes the focal point and guiding visitors through a sequence of rooms that provide a multimedia sensory experience of light, sound and colour, conceived by Artec Studio. Upon entering the building, the spectacular project invades the entire space, developing into four interconnected rooms.

“The installation is a skin, a metal membrane, that interacts with the light projected on the walls, creating different landscapes and an immersive environment with ever-changing lighting effects. The installation project is in line with iGuzzini's decision to go back to showcasing how light can serve as both an architectural-decorative element and a technical one.” Stefano Boeri

The tour starts in the entrance hall with an original display that pays homage to the iconic Le Perroquet lamp, designed by Piano Design for the Pompidou Centre in Paris. The Italian Echoes installation welcomes visitors to the first room, which displays reissues from iGuzzini’s historical archive: Polsino by Gio Ponti, Zurigo by Luigi Massoni, Sorella by Harvey, Nitia by Rodolfo Bonetto and Clan by Harvey in its three versions, an object that combines traditional form and typology with modern industrial processes. The audio-visual content presented in the room narrates and highlights the brand’s roots through its collaborations with prominent Italian designers. The Living Vibes project created for the FuoriSalone exhibition in Via Palermo, therefore, also serves as a journey for visitors to discover the new and expanded iGuzzini project. The journey starts in the main hall featuring Libera, the modular and adaptable lighting system designed by Artec Studio that represents a major breakthrough in linear lighting. Artec Studio’s founder, Maurici Gines, also designed the setting that features a combination of lights, shadows and sounds that intertwine and interact with the metal mesh on the wall to generate an immersive environment that leads visitors on an all-encompassing sensory journey to discover Libera. The lighting of the 200 square metres of Living Vibes in Via Palermo, as well as all the iGuzzini collections, focuses on the theme of sustainability: the fully dimmable installation has been designed to consume only 2.5 Kw/h of energy.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: iGuzzini

Photo: Stefano Anzini

Location: via Palermo, 11 – Milano

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