lasospesa is made of two concentric pyrex glass elements with a circular section. The external cylinder has a 10 cm diameter and an height of 30 cm, while the internal “suspended” lighting element has a 6 cm diameter and 22 cm height. The technical component, comprehensive of IED boards and cables, is obviously embedded in the internal cylinder. This latter is closed, both in its upper and lower side, by two elements of frosted nickel that serve as heat sinks, and that are kept together by a pin that contains and hides the power cable that is connected with the IED board on the upper part of the lamp. This new lamp designed for FontanaArte is produced in four versions: transparent both plain and striped, sandblasted, copper and smoked varnished. Every different version enriches the range of possible effects that you can obtain according to the lamp you choose to have. You can go from a suffused effect with warm tones for the colored versions to a brighter and clearer effect for the transparent and etched version. The peculiarity that makes this lamp designed for FontanaArte special is that it makes the relationship with light very direct: lasospesa can be easily taken and placed where everyone prefers in particular the battery powered version. A contemporary lantern with a fluctuating light in a pure geometrical volume that you can place easily in every room, a single element or more elements combined together making a new light landscape.

“A non-lamp with numerous uses and iridescent luminosity, very simple and classic, Lasospesa seems to have always been there, where you placed it.” Stefano Boeri

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