IVY is the first outdoor lighting system that integrates light, audio and environmental sensors, favoring human well-being and respect for the environment, with the perspective to optimize the integration with the architecture and the maximum usability for users. With the idea of simplifying shapes and giving back harmony between architecture, lighting and environment, it is adapted to the different needs and new behaviors of the individual. The project was born from the idea of creating a system capable of encouraging outdoor activities and reproducing the comfort of interiors also outdoor. IVY is an organic system with multiple configurations: applied in an innovative way to the outdoor environment, it can be installed on terraces, in the dehors of commercial activities and in public spaces, as well as on existing buildings or in new buildings. It is a technological “track” that contains all the tools necessary for living, working, socializing and relaxing outdoors. 


“Thanks to the different applications and configurations that the system can use, the real strength of IVY lies in its great versatility and customization. With Targetti we have thought of a system that would adapt to the environments and everyone's needs, without sacrificing formal elegance. Whether it's terraces, dehors or courtyards, public or private spaces, the new IVY lighting system cancels the boundary between inside and outside, redefining, with sophistication and efficiency, a new way to spend and share your time in the open air.” Stefano Boeri and Giorgio Donà

The system allows the connection of accessories and devices useful for our daily life and permits direct and indirect users’ interaction: from the synchronization with your smartphone for the control and management of light, to the reproduction of music in the dedicated speakers. A complete range of elements, from luminaires to accessories for sound and sensors diffusion, builds the optimal conditions for living outdoors. Each element is safely housed in an aluminum “profile” for power supply that can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall, both on the surface and recessed. Linear lights, projectors and suspensions allow you to design a dynamic, functional and surprising light landscape. There are two standard finishes – ferrite gray and black anodized – to which all the special RAL colours are added. Thanks to this flexibility, the user can build a customized system in composition and will be capable of creating different scenarios. The sensors become an added value of the system: from the presence detector for energy management and optimization to the sensor for controlling the air quality of the surrounding environment. Thanks to the Casambi interface, the entire system can be controlled and adapted with your smartphone. IVY was created in order to create a new relationship between Indoor and outdoor. It Is a system that redesigns the multiple possibilities of outdoor living.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Targetti 

Video: TheBlinkFish

Year: 2022

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