On the occasion of the 62nd edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, Stefano Boeri Interiors design for Smeg “Isola: where Technology and Design shape new horizons”, a collection of induction hobs, with and without an integrated hood, and a high-tech suspended hood system, with a revolutionary, elegant and luminous design. Stefano Boeri Interiors is inspired by Smeg classics to create soft and unique lines, giving shape to a product with a recognisable character and adaptable to every style and environment, capable of overcoming the barriers of time. Thanks to the surprising lighting that defines the perimeter of the hob, the glass surface emerges as the protagonist, projecting the kitchen into the future. Differentiating itself from induction hobs on the market, which tend to disappear from view, Isola shows itself, taking on a new value. In shapes destined to become iconic, state-of-the-art technologies make the product efficient and silent, guaranteeing more accurate temperature control and cooking times up to three times faster than with traditional technologies. The precious LED light insert, moreover, can remain switched on regardless of induction hob use, and thanks to the adjustable light intensity it becomes a light design element.

“Like the family, the kitchen is a world of variable geometry, which therefore requires variable design sensitivity, like the one we adopted in designing Isola. After Smeg's collaborations with Guido Canali, Mario Bellini, Renzo Piano and Marc Newson, we are proud to bring our ideas and designs to a company that has made and continues to write the history of Made in Italy.” Stefano Boeri

The hob-integrated hoods are also characterised by refined style and innovative functionality. The extraction can remain active even after the hob is switched off, helping to eliminate persistent odours. Attention to detail is also evident in the elegant finishes of the hob frame and integrated hood grille, which can be customised in black, taupe or satin stainless steel. The ideal combination of Isola hobs is with the hoods of the same collection: not just extraction elements, but furnishing objects that recall the design of the hobs through refined lighting inserts. The Isola hoods are equipped with lights with adjustable intensity and an elegant metal touch display with extremely intuitive operation. Among the accessories, the collection also includes a suspended light track, which, independent of the extraction function, is designed to match the Isola hob variant with integrated hood.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Smeg

Year: 2024

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