Chiglia, the table designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors, was created from the harmonious geometries and volumes and the combination of ideas and shapes, durability and attention to detail. The main focus of the partnership between the Scapin Group and Stefano Boeri Interiors is to develop innovative living solutions. Design and technology embrace a design and production process centred on creating design objects that enhance new living spaces. In the first version of Chiglia, the transparency of the glass legs is combined with and enhances the striking material appeal of the marble or quartz top and the aesthetic quality of its texture. The iconic structure of the top draws inspiration from the characteristic shape of the keel of a boat, with an interplay that reflects the conscious pursuit of balance. The top therefore appears to be suspended in a temporal space without gravity.The study and harmony of shapes are the cornerstones that led Stefano Boeri Interiors to create the Chiglia table for Marmo Arredo. Each component is designed to be dry-welded, without the use of adhesives: between the profile of the base in transparent or smoked tempered glass and the interlocking top, a narrow space separates the two elements, bringing airiness and lightness to the structure. A perfect blend of functionality, performance and sustainability, for a unique user experience, in which the table symbolises an ongoing pursuit of harmony between opposites. The Chiglia table is a design solution, ideal for use in the residential and contract sectors.

“Chiglia project draws inspiration from an avant-garde approach to design, thus becoming a fundamental and distinctive feature of the place that hosts it.” Giorgio Donà

Chiglia, available with a Quartzforms® marble or technical quartz top, has been designed in three different sizes (150×100 cm, 210×100 cm and 270×100 cm) and in a wide choice of versions: the surfaces ensure striking expressive freedom that meets all furnishing needs. On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2023, Chiglia was presented in new versions, and the collection of tables has been extended with new furnishing accessories. In addition to the base in extra clear and smoked glass, the Chiglia table is available in a single-material version, with the base in the same finish as the top, in quartz or marble. Chiglia is also available as a console table in three sizes (270x50x75 cm, 210x50x75 cm and 150x50x75 cm), which echoes the linear shapes of Chiglia and comes with a base designed to be placed against a wall, thereby complementing the furniture in a living area or enhancing a bedroom. Chiglia low table, with an inverted truncated pyramid base, a marble/quartz top and mirrored steel structure (Supermirror), is also available in three sizes (150x100x25 cm, 100x100x25 cm and 100x75x25 cm). The many furniture items convey both lightness and balance. They can be included in a variety of contexts, where precious materials such as marble and quartz are combined with glass and steel, resulting in creations in different sizes that can be adapted to suit various spaces and uses.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Marmo Arredo

Photo: DMIND

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