The City in a Building becomes the experience capable of giving space to a place in continuity with the rhythms and times of the city: functions and spaces where you can work, train, share and meet but at the same time be able to stay. A building that becomes a city “24/7”. A flexible format and a new hospitality are the formidable opportunities to expand the range of services and spaces for workers and citizens. The micro-living becomes the solution for those who need to reside for a time that is between the standard stay in a hotel and the duration of a longer rental. A smart format aimed at every type of need and user: from the student and researcher to the flexible worker with special needs, from young couples to the dynamic tourist. Particular attention to service spaces and accessories to allow you to reach every comfort, making them close at hand. The areas dedicated to offices are transformed into a large space that is at the same time open and capable of offering functions and services to guarantee that multitude of needs and requirements in continuous evolution. A place that can be defined by functional clusters equipped with new tools and productivity values that define a space with variable geometries which, by means of furnishings and spaces that are flexible and transformable over time and uses, offers a workplace with multiple productive landscapes. Two special floors of The City in a Building welcome a new flexible and immersive space: a biodiversity greenhouse that creates a new organization of work that involves the use of large open-space spaces, areas to maximize concentration and for activities involving processes of collaboration within an experiential path of contact with nature and proximity with other living species. A large hybrid and continuous space, dedicated to sharing and exchange for greater interaction between users, technology and innovation. With the replacement and relocation of technological systems, the roof becomes an opportunity to expand the functional and spatial offer of The City in a Building. A roof that becomes the fifth facade of the project, a place capable of absorbing the functions and needs of workers and citizens. A public roof park of about 5000 sqm at the service of the neighbourhood and the community in general, designed to host sports, leisure, culture and art. A large open-air incubator that becomes a privileged point of view over the rooftops of Milan.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Private Client

Year: 2022

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