The requalification aims to give the hotel a new image and turn it into an excellent, modern, and elegant accommodation that can meet the standards of haute hôtellerie and benefit from a growing and well-known national and international attractiveness. Respecting also the most recent renovations that in the 1970s gave life to Bobo Piccoli’s floor work and the curvilinear partitions by architect Jan Battistoni, the new redevelopment project intends to make the Corso Magenta complex live up to its central location and the growing needs for privacy, functionality and comfort demanded by today’s customers. Aiming to increase the number of bedrooms (more than 100), improve accessibility, and introduce advanced technologies and services at the disposal of guests, the project will start with a major reorganisation of the areas that will maximise the use of available space and ensure accessibility to all areas, including rooms, common areas and meeting rooms.

“Stelline embodies a long Milanese history of hospitality and social generosity. We have approached the redevelopment project by trying to rationalise the cohabitation between the spaces designated for hospitality services and those dedicated to cultural and conference activities in order to bring greater clarity to the accessibility and distribution of functions. This is the beginning of a project that, starting with the renewal of the hotel's hospitality spaces, also aspires to rethink the relationship with the other extraordinary feature of this place, the conference area. It is a first part of a work that we hope will soon be realised in its entirety.” Stefano Boeri

Thanks also to the introduction of increasingly advanced technologies, every corner of the hotel will be redesigned to ensure maximum functionality and comfort: more private, soundproofed bedrooms and suites with ergonomic furniture and room control systems, customised home automation systems and advanced security measures. The soft colours and natural materials used for the interior design make the hotel’s atmosphere contemporary and welcoming, testifying great attention to detail and a strong inclination towards sustainable choices. In addition to sustainability, one of the primary objectives of Stefano Boeri Interiors’ intervention was obviously to guarantee accessibility and fruition of the spaces for people with disabilities, physical, sensory or cognitive limitations, without discrimination or obstacles, by providing two new lifts for reduced mobility and the installation, on the first floor, of five bedrooms for guests with limited mobility.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Fondazione Stelline

Location: Corso Magenta, 61 20123 Milano (Italy)

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