L’Aula del Futuro

The reason behind the collaboration between Napisan and Stefano Boeri Interiors, born with the initiative “Igiene Insieme”, will lead to the development of an innovative project able to integrate immediately on an existing reality, that of school buildings. Stefano Boeri Interiors has been selected by Napisan to develop the concept of a new vision of school that, through the compliance with increasingly strict hygiene standards and not exclusively related to Covid-19, will allow people to live versatile spaces, combining educational activities with play and entertainment activities and determining a continuous use, even beyond the traditional teaching hours. A real turning point, therefore, that focuses everything on an innovative, multifunctional and open school environment, which will allow students to experience the classroom as never before. A solution that will guarantee continuous life to the school structure. All spaces will be able to be adapted according to uses and needs and in which even adults will be able to carry out various activities, making the school the heart of the community. Adaptability of the space, to ensure different possible configurations depending on the teaching practices adopted and the functions performed; Technology, to allow the expansion of learning opportunities beyond the confines of the classroom; Safety, to provide a safe and healthy teaching space: these are the key principles of the project designed by studio. Stefano Boeri Interiors’ challenge is to think about models of educational environments that allow experimentation and encourage participation. Light, colors, technology and furniture are among the protagonists of this new way of thinking about the boundaries of learning: flexible spaces that change and adapt to every need, becoming if necessary also music rooms, craft workshops and dance schools, changing during the day. A school that is free and open to all forms of learning, at the service of society and the entire community.

“Open school means allowing learners to have access to outdoor places, a public school- literally, but also allowing those who work in these outdoor places to return to the school space and carry out activities with reflections on neighborhood life.” Stefano Boeri

L’Aula del Futuro is an opportunity to make these principles known and concrete, demonstrating that the space of teaching can best adapt to a school system in continuous evolution. The classroom becomes a space capable of expanding towards the corridor or towards the outside, equipped with sophisticated systems of equipped walls that allow to contain the school material and the furniture itself. Each surface contributes to the definition of functionality and flexibility: the floor facilitates students and teachers in the configuration of the necessary space, recreating each time the appropriate layout: work in small groups, frontal lesson, informal teaching. A design approach also useful to stimulate metacognitive processes, where the student is stimulated to an autonomous reflection on their own learning processes. The classroom is also equipped with advanced technological systems designed to improve the quality of distance learning, as well as the quality of the environment itself, a fundamental element that contributes to the improvement of learning processes and belonging. Hygiene education, social distancing, air cleaning devices, ordinary cleaning activities and the search for washable and antibacterial materials are key issues for a conscious restart and to rethink the concept of hygiene and indoor pollution.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Napisan
Year: 2021

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