“CREST The Outdoor Landscape System” is a modular and highly versatile project, born from the meeting with UnoPiù, the company which has made living in harmony with nature its mission for over 40 years. CREST, from the name itself, takes inspiration from the lines of a natural landscape to redesign a new use of outdoor spaces, and represents a new way of experiencing product development: applying architectural solutions to product design processes. “CREST The Outdoor Landscape System” offers the opportunity to relive the many activities typically carried out indoors and outdoors, exploring new solutions for living outdoor spaces by integrating them into a modular furniture system. The collaboration with Unopiù was born with the aim of promoting the use of the outdoor environment, thus stimulating human well-being. Thanks to its modularity, CREST is a piece of furniture intended to welcome and suggest a multitude of activities whether they are leisure or professional, but also activities related to conviviality where you can find a more relaxed and familiar dimension. The furniture’s concept at the origin of CREST represents a synthesis of how outdoor living is evolving and allows an informal way of enjoying a whole series of common activities in the open air that accompany everyday life. A life more and more in contact with nature. The design of the project, consisting of modular modules with seats, chaise longues, tables and washbasins, performs various functions in a fluid and multifaceted perspective: eating, cooking, sharing, cooperating, playing, learning, meeting, meditating, working and relaxing.

“We have now started to experience outdoor spaces with greater intensity. When we were asked to think of a furniture system, we designed a modular system that would be a support for resting, playing, eating, living, sharing ideas, in other words for that combination of activities that we have learnt to do more and more outside our homes and offices. ” Stefano Boeri

CREST was designed and composed around three main elements typical of outdoor furniture: fabric, Okumè wood and satin stainless steel to ensure durability and resistance to atmospheric agents. Okumè, a wood with very high impermeability and external resistance, satin stainless steel and fabric are the materials that define the materiality of this product and its tactile identity. A precious essence with unique characteristics, warm, intense and extremely long-lasting, like that of Okumè, is combined with the aesthetic pleasantness and resistance of stainless steel, an almost eternal and 100% recyclable material, and with comfort cushions, made with waterproof or PET fabrics, available on request in the Unopiù color palette. The perfect aesthetic balance between Okumè and stainless steel represents and sums up the ideal balance of apparently opposite worlds: between indoor and outdoor, between the materiality of wood and the asepticity of steel, between urban living and country living, between private and public. Due to its versatility and flexibility, “CREST The Outdoor Landscape System” can be housed in a garden or on a terrace as well as in the outdoor space of an office, up to the lounge area of ​​a hotel or in the outdoor space of a library, from residential to contract, meeting a fluid system of interaction in the outdoor space in connection with nature. 

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: UnoPiù 

Video: TheBlinkFish 

Year: 2022

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