Prototipo Aula del Futuro

The first prototype for the “Classroom of the future”, designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors for the project “Igiene Insieme” by Napisan, at the primary school Collodi, part of the Institute “Barozzi Beltrami” in Rozzano (MI). This new concept, that was born with the ambitious objective of creating and innovative school environment, multifunctional and open to everyone, that will keep centered the rigorous hygiene standards, respecting the public health, innovative ways of teaching and a use of spaces always more versatile. The challenge of Stefano Boeri Interiors consists in thinking about educational environment models that allow experimentation and promote participation. Light, colors, technology, and furniture are the protagonists of this news way of thinking about learning: flexible areas that change and adapt according to the needs, to also become music rooms, artisanal laboratories, and dance rooms during the day. The school becomes free and open to any kind of learning, for the benefit of sociality and the whole community.

“We are happy to present this prototype for the classroom, that demonstrates how the main cell of our school can easily transform in a flexible space, open not only to many types of learning (not only frontal lessons), but to different uses in the same day. We projected a classroom changeable in the furniture and in their composition; a space that can be projected and modified in real time by their users (starting from students and teachers). A multifunctional classroom that represents the condition to open schools to their urban communities and transform them in centers for sociality and creativity. The prototype realized in Rozzano demonstrates how the guidelines from the Government led by Draghi about the realization of new schools using the PNRR funds could become immediate technical and projectable solutions. Is also beautiful to see how this is possible thanks to the generosity from an excellence group of Italian companies. The future of schools is now.” Stefano Boeri

The project consists in flexible and modular rooms, with moveable walls that guarantee the variation of spaces in keeping of the necessities, in the name of multifunctionality, open spaces oriented to co-projecting and integrated to the whole school, furniture designed to involve students and stimulate all their senses. A new lifeblood for the Italian schools panorama, that puts first technology, security and health. Functionality and flexibility are the main characteristics of every surface. The floor helps students and teachers in the configuration of the area, recreating every time the right layout of the specific moment of the day: small group projects, frontal lessons, informal lessons, etc… An approach that can be useful also for stimulating the metacognitive processes, where the student is stimulated also in the reflection about his own learning processes. The classroom is also equipped with advances technological devices, designed to improve the quality of remote learning, other than the quality of the environment, pillar that contributes to the development of the learning and affiliation processes. Hygiene education, social distancing, air cleaning devices, daily cleaning and the antibacterial and washable materials are the key themes for a conscious restart and to rethink the concept of hygiene and indoor pollution.

Project: Stefano Boeri Interiors
Client: Napisan – Igiene Insieme

Photo: Gerda Studio

Location: Istituto Collodi, Rozzano (Milano)

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